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Training Philosophy

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Minimal Impact Diving Practices - Divers are ambassadors to our aquatic ecosystems and we should be helping, not hurting these systems. We use non-silting propulsion techniques stir up the bottom, harming benthic organisms. Take only pictures and leave only bubbles. 

Thinking with the End in Mind - Consistency is paramount to your diving career. Why should you have to re-learn something because you were taught "wrong" to begin with? The skills you develop in the equipment you are first trained in should be consistent throughout your evolution in this sport. 

Diving with a BuddyDiving is a team sport. Not only is it more fun but your buddy is also your back up brain to assist in  judgement or emergencies, but they are also your back up gas. We always dive with a buddy, no solo diving.

Scalable, Modular  and Minimalist Equipment - You should not have to buy new equipment as you progress in diving. Your equipment configuration should be scalable to do everything from a shallow recreational dive, to a deep cave dive. Not everyone will do this type of diving but at least you wont have to buy a whole set of gear. Its foundation should be modular to apply to different platforms. We don't want to look like a Christmas Tree in the water, take only what you need for the dive in a streamlined fashion.

The "Loved One" Concept - As per NAUI's Credo, leadership level candidates must uphold the highest personal qualities that would allow us to entrust us taking our loved ones diving. We believe it takes more than just great dive skills to be a professional. 

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